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Welcome to the world of culinary excellence, where your gastronomic desires come to life. We are a team of Italian private chefs with a diverse culinary background from every corner of the globe. This diversity has enriched us with unique culinary knowledge and traditions, seamlessly integrated into our cuisine.

Our history

Who we are

We are a team of chefs with a global perspective on cuisine. Our experience comes from years of working with the world’s most influential families, making us experts in handling a wide range of diets, dietary restrictions, intolerances, and allergies. We believe that cuisine can be both a pleasure and a form of medicine for the body. Each dish we prepare is a blend of taste and well-being.

Giorgio bonaffini

Federico Quaglia

Explore flavors from around the world

Our ability to select the finest raw ingredients is a hallmark of our service. We collaborate with trusted suppliers to ensure that the ingredients used are fresh, high-quality, and sustainable. Additionally, one member of our team is a nutritionist chef, capable of creating personalized meal plans that meet your specific needs.

Our services

Feel free to contact us to explore how our extensive expertise can elevate your culinary ventures and events. Welcome to a world where every detail matters, and excellence is our standard.

Private Chef

At your service

Private chef

We offer our private chefs in your residence during your holidays. Each meal is a tailor-made culinary creation, with high-quality ingredients.

Exclusive catering services

At your favourite place

Exclusive catering services

We can provide catering services for special events, private parties, and corporate occasions.

Dining at home

With a personalised menù

Dining at home

We bring the sophistication of Michelin-starred restaurants directly to your home, creating a memorable dining experience.

Corporate cooking classes and Team building

For your company

Corporate cooking classes and Team building

We offer corporate cooking classes that foster teamwork, creativity, and collaboration.

Cooking school

With our best chefs

Cooking school

We are enthusiastic about sharing our culinary knowledge through cooking lessons for anyone eager to learn the art of cooking.

Consulting for Food Companies, Hotels, and Restaurants

We share all our expertise for your success

Consulting for Food Companies, Hotels, and Restaurants

We share our expertise with food companies, hotels, and restaurants to enhance their culinary offerings and customer experience.

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We are ready to bring our culinary savoir-faire to the heart of your luxury experiences. Contact us today to discover how we can make your holidays, special events, and corporate activities an unparalleled culinary experience. Welcome to the world of culinary excellence!